Abel SDF 5/6 Reels
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abel reels oyster bamboo fly rods
abel reels oyster bamboo fly rods rainbow
Ported satin grey native brown trout abel reel at oyster bamboo fly rods
Abel SDF 5/6 Reels
Abel SDF 5/6 Reels
native brown trout abel sdf reel and drag knob oyster bamboo fly rods
abek sdf black ridge riser reel oyster bamboo fly rods
native rainbow trout abel sdf reel and drag knob

Abel SDF 5/6 Reels

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The SDF (Sealed Drag Fresh) is a scaled-down version of the award-winning saltwater titan featuring similar porting and a stainless steel / carbon fluoropolymer drag system. The SDF boasts an enormous amount of drag, an adjustment range almost three times greater than its predecessor, and virtually zero start up inertia.

  • User convertible retrieval system
  • Large arbor increases line retrieval rate and reduces line memory
  • Almost a full ounce lighter than the original SD
  • Drag pressure ranges from zero to an amazing 10 pounds
  • Incredibly wide range of drag adjustment from zero to max
  • Designed & machined by trout junkies in Colorado
  • Quick change spool
  • Made in USA

**Custom reels available for order, please contact us to place an order: shannen@oysterbamboo.com or 706-374-4239**